The Benefits of WWET

The focus of Wine Writers’ Educational Tours is deep, regional education. Each conference will thoroughly cover the host region’s

  • History & Development
  • Geography & AVAs
  • Climate, Terroir, Grape Varieties & Wine Styles
  • Current Market Position & Trends
  • Challenges & Opportunities

But that’s not all WWET conferences provide. Here are some other benefits.

  • New story ideas
  • Solid contacts with wineries, PR professionals and other writers to help with your future research and articles
  • Potential offers for samples and further travel opportunities

How WWET is Different

Wine Writers’ Educational Tours are different from other conferences for writers and from sponsored press tours.


  • Was created by writers for writers
  • Is all about regional education, not writing or business
  • Focuses solely on the host region
  • Is independent and offers a wide range of perspectives
  • Intentionally limits attendance to give you the best experience
  • Charges a nominal fee, so there are no conflicts of interest or obligations
  • Provides face time with the marketing people you need for future stories